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RACO Remote Alarms And Controls

WARNING: This product does not support data communications

Fixed Cellular Just Got Easier

A fully-equipped Cellularm system consisting of cellular phone transceiver, antenna, and optional RACO Alarm Autodialer packaged in durable, weather-resistant housing.
The Cellularm System is designed to accommodate one of RACO's family of alarm autodialers featuring full microprocessor-based operation with convenient user programmability from the front panel or from any remote standard touch tone phone.

RACO's Cellularm System represents the next generation of fixed cellular equipment designed to provide voice and data communications over the cellular telephone network. The Cellularm System can be used for cellular telephone communications only, or it can be optionally equipped with a RACO autodialer to provide additional alarm monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Designed for temporary or permanent field use, the new system is ruggedly built and is housed in a heavy duty, weather-resistant enclosure. Fully equipped, the Cellularm System consists of a cellular phone transceiver, antenna, and one of RACO’s family of alarm autodialers packaged in a single, integrated unit.

For voice communications, Cellularm is provided with a standard RJ11C plug-in connector to accept a standard telephone set. The cellular phone transceivers used in the Cellularm system include Digital CDMA and GSM units, assuring reliable operation wherever cellular telephone service is available.

The system is only 17 1/2" high by 14 7/8" wide by 12 1/4" deep and weighs 49 lbs complete with transceiver and autodialer. It can be AC or DC powered, and backup battery power is standard for both transceiver and autodialer.
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555BCELL-ALTE N/A GSM 800/850, 900, AWS 1700, 1900, 2100 N/A AT & T N/A LTE N/A 4 hours N/A 1 year N/A No $1,925.00 Add To Cart
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555BCELL-VLTE N/A LTE N/A Verizon N/A LTE N/A 4 hours N/A 1 year N/A No $1,925.00 Add To Cart
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