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RACO Remote Alarms And Controls

Verbatim® VRSC-8-1E Remote Supervisory Control with Relay Output Box controls 8 AC or DC digital outputs for a Verbatim®, Verbatim® Secure Front Panel or Verbatim® Gateway. OPTO-22 relay 5-200 Volt DC, 5 mA-2 amps included. A Verbatim® Daughter Card Assembly must be purchased for a Verbatim® or a Verbatim® Secure Front Panel autodialer when ordering Analog Channels, Remote Supervisory Control, Verbatim® Modbus Communications, Local Data Logging, Central Data Logging, or SCADA. Only one card is required regardless of the number of options. A Daughter Card is a standard item on the Verbatim® Gateway.
Unit of Measure


Relay Type

N/A OPTO-22 Relay 5-200 VDC, 5 mA-2 amps

Turn-on time

N/A 100 µs

Turn-off time

N/A 750 µs

Isolation voltage Inout-to-output

N/A 4000 Volts

One-second Surge

N/A 5 Amps

Operating Ambient Temperature

N/A -30 to 70 ºC

Output Voltage Drop Maximum Peak

N/A 1.6 Volts

Line voltage - max.

N/A 200 VDC

Operating voltage range

N/A 5-200 VDC

Current rating

N/A 1 amps

UL Motor Load rating

N/A 1 amps

Off-state leakage @ max. voltage

N/A 2 mA

Logic voltage - nominal


Logic voltage range (Vcc)

N/A 2.5 to 8 VDC

Logic pickup voltage

N/A 2.5 VDC

Logic dropout voltage

N/A 1

Logic input current @ nominal logic voltage

N/A 12 mA

Control resistance (Rc in schematic diagram)

N/A 220 ohms

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