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RACO Remote Alarms And Controls

Guard-It® autodialer without a back enclosure for front panel mounting only.
Unit of Measure


Universal Inputs (UI)

N/A 4

# of UI Configurable for Digitial Alarm

N/A 4

# of UI Configurable for Analog Alarm

N/A 4

# of Phone Numbers Dialed

N/A 8


N/A Standard phone jack on front panel for programming phone. Voice menu instructions guide programming

Speech Messages

N/A User digitally records five messages, Station ID and four channel alarm messages. High definition digital recordings up to 12 seconds per message. Resident synthesized voice vocabulary for programming guidance.


N/A 2 years

Communication Method

N/A Landline Wireless - Cellularm

Notification Methods

N/A Pager Voice Call


Power Requirements

N/A User supplied 10-14 VDC, 500 mA maximum

Power Consumption

N/A 200 mA minimum standby 500 mA maximum active

Power Failure

N/A Automatic alarm for external power failure

Battery Charging

N/A Precision voltage controlled, automatic rapid recharge after drain

Universal Signal Inputs

N/A Digital Inputs; open contacts see 5VDC, closed contacts see 5 mA DC

Analog Inputs

N/A 4-20 mA, single ended. Maximum voltage drop VDC. Resolution 0.2% absolute accuracy 0.5%

Local Alarm Relay

N/A Transistor output for TTL or relay drive (500 mA 24 VDC max) activated during unacknowledged alarm

RJ11 Telephone

N/A Line jack for connection to public telephone networks


Surge Protection

N/A Solid state protectors on phone, power, and signal lines


N/A Single circuit card in durable steel faceplate designed for flush mounting inside a larger control panel with faceplate visible


N/A 4 pounds, 6 pounds with battery


N/A 6.85 in.


N/A 8 7/8 in.


N/A 1 1/4 in.

Mounting Centers Height

N/A 3.6 in.

Mounting Centers Width

N/A 9 in.


Temperature Range

N/A 20 to 130 ºF


N/A 0 to 95%, Non-condensing



  • Rotary pulse or tone dialing.
  • Dials up to 8 different numbers, each up to 60 digits long.
  • Time between alarm phone calls programmable 0.1 to 99.9 minutes.
  • Smart calling call progress monitoring detects dial tone, basic ring back and busy.

Factory Options


  • Power Supply, UL Class 2 120 VAC 50/60 Hz adaptor.
  • Battery backup, internal 6 volt; 4 AH gel cell provides 20 hours operation during power failure.
  • NEMA 4X enclosure.
  • Cellularm cellular communication system.

Analog or Digital Inputs

N/A GUARD-IT® monitors 4 input channels. Each channel can be configured for an analog or digital signal input. The system utilizes the public telephone network as a basic medium for transmission of alarm messages and status calls. It is field programmable by the user at the system's control panel via a standard touch tone phone handset.

Automatic Alarm Reporting

N/A Upon detection of an alarm condition, GUARD-IT® automatically calls a list of up to 8 pre-programmed phone numbers over the standard dial-up telephone network, calling until it gets an acknowledgement. hen a connection is made, the system reports the station identity and the specific alarm condition in the form of a digitally pre-recorded voice message. In addition to standard phones in office, plant, or home, the alarm calling sequence can also include calls to pagers, cellular phones, and voice mail.

Alarm Acknowledgment

N/A An alarm is acknowledged simply by pressing a button on the called phone. When acknowledging an alarm, a built-in microphone permits the caller to listen for background sounds at the site. The user can also call the system from any remote phone for a status report of all points being monitored.

Voice Messaging

N/A The voice transmission consists of a station identification together with an alarm message giving details on the fault. The station identification and alarm messages are digitally recorded by the user. RACO pioneered the concept of using digitally-recorded and synthesized voice messages in autodialers. By using electronic voice reporting technology, GUARD-IT® eliminates the need for often-unreliable audio tape autodialers.

Set-up and Programming

N/A System set-up, voice recording, and programming is accomplished via an external touch tone phone which plugs into a standard phone jack on the system's front panel. The user simply follows voice instructions given over the phone.

System Controls

N/A System operating status is provided by front panel LED indicators. System off/disarm ready controls are provided on front panel. Surge protection and noise suppression are standard.

A Truly Modern Autodialer

N/A GUARD-IT® fills the requirement of a modern autodialer-it should be extremely reliable and be able to tell the called party as much information about the nature of an alarm as possible so that the right personnel can respond quickly and appropriately. Many other autodialers don't meet these requirements.

Compare GUARD-IT® with all the others and you will see that this multi featured system offers a way to get RACO flexibility, quality, and dependability at a price you’d expect to pay for one of the budget models.

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N/A Dialer Specification - Guard-It

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