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RACO Remote Alarms And Controls

Transient surges can enter electronic equipment through any connection, not just the AC power line. Facilities with reliable AC power protectors can still experience surge-related system downtime. Transient surge energies from sources such as nearby lightning strikes, inductive load switching, ground loop currents, and electrostatic discharge are clamped by AC protectors into the shared communication ground, resulting in damage to expensive communication hardware.


To install, insert the protector in series between the incoming communication lines and the I/O port of the equipment to be protected. The protector ground wire must be connected to the metal chassis of the equipment being protected. Units must be installed at both ends of the data cable for effective protection.


Ground wire must be grounded directly to the metal chassis of the equipment being protected. The equipment chassis must be connected to earth through a properly grounded AC power receptacle.
Unit of Measure


Shipping Weight

N/A 1 Pound

Max. Data Rate

N/A 40 Mbps

Max. DC Supply Voltage

N/A 240 VDC

Max. DC Supply Current

N/A 750 mA
Peak Pulse Current1 N/A 75 Amps

Max Shunt Capacitance

N/A <95 pF


N/A Dial Up Fax Modem

Input & Output Connections

N/A RJ11


N/A 6 pins for RJ11 connectors


N/A Velcro Retainer

Ground Connection

N/A 14 AWG Ground wire (11" long) with #10 fork lug

Standard Compliance

N/A IEEE 802-3af (transmission) UL497B
  • 1 (10/1000µs at Max DC Supply Voltage)

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