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RACO Remote Alarms And Controls

555BCELL-LTE is a LTE digital phone. It is capable of voice communication only, through an RJ11 connection. It has an external 120 VAC power supply and battery backup system. It is a 6 VDC unit and uses a 1-watt GSM transceiver.

Cellularm cellular telephone communication system for the Verbatim®,  Verbatim® Gateway, and Catalyst®. LTE Cellular Telephone, 12 hour standby battery, "Rubber Ducky" antenna, and a NEMA 4X enclosure.

Non-Cancellable Non-Returnable
Unit of Measure


Phone Type


SIM Card

N/A Micro (3FF size) SIM card

Service Providers

N/A AT & T

Network Type


Autodialer Compatibility

N/A Catalyst® Verbatim® Verbatim® Gateway


N/A Molded fiberglass with silicone gaskets NEMA 4X UL Approved


N/A 1 years

Shipping Weight

N/A 42 Pound

DTMF Alarm Acknowledgement

N/A 3G Service Required

Callback Alarm Acknowledgement

N/A 3G Service or 4G Service Compatible

Terms of Sale

N/A Non-Cancellable Non-Returnable


Battery Backup Time

N/A 4 hours

AC Power Requirements

N/A 25W 47 ~ 63Hz 85 ~ 264VAC

AC Power Consumption (Standby)

N/A 25 ma AC

AC Power Consumption (Maximum)

N/A 50 ma AC

Transmit Power

N/A -



N/A 17 1/2 in.


N/A 15 1/2 in.


N/A 6.75 in.

Mounting Centers

N/A 16 3/4" vertical x 12" horizontal


N/A 33 lbs


Operating Temperature Range

N/A -10 to 55 ºC

Storage Temperature Range

N/A -25 to 55 ºC


N/A 5 to 95%, (Excludes Batteries)

Advantages of Cellularm

N/A Speed of Installation - The system is compact, easily transportable, and can be set up in less than an hour

Convenience - The Cellularm works with any regional cellular carrier. It does not require any special training or operating instructions. It's easily set up, and when the job is done, simply move it to your next job. You can also program and test Cellularm's telephone service and alarm functions in advance of your trip to the job site

Cost Effectiveness - Cellularm is cost-effective when regular telephone service is unavailable or too costly to install, maintain, or use. Cellularm also is a good choice when transmission is of poor quality or when a backup to the traditional telephone network is desired

Security - Security systems utilize phone lines. Cut the phone lines and you have defeated the security system. With Cellularm there are no phone lines to cut

Alarm Autodialing and Remote Monitoring

N/A When optionally equipped with one of RACO's family of alarm autodialing systems, the Cellularm System permits alarm autodialing and remote monitoring over the cellular telephone network. If an alarm occurs, a RACO Autodialing System will automatically call a list of pre-programmed phone numbers, calling each number in turn until it gets an answer. When answered, the system reports the station identity and alarm condition by way of a digitally recorded voice message. Called stations can include standard phones in the office, plant, or home, as well as pagers, other cellular phones, and voicemail systems. And in addition to alarm reporting, the user can call in at any time from any standard touch tone phone get the present status of all monitored functions

Reducing Cellular Costs

N/A Many cellular providers offer corporate airtime packages, low usage plans, and even unlimited, flatfee airtime usage which can minimize system costs. Thus, by custom tailoring your backup protection program to your needs, there are no "wasted" monthly expenditures for costly leased telephone lines or private network solutions. Further, cellular airtime can actually be less expensive in some toll calling situations when taking advantage of cellular super systems, wide area and unlimited usage calling plans, and area code versus cellular coverage differences. Actual savings will depend upon factors unique to your service area

Cellular Reliability

N/A While there are no guarantees that the cellular network will survive various natural and man made disasters, the cellular industry's reputation for survivability is growing almost daily. There are two cellular service providers in every license area. Typically, one or both are owned and operated by major telephone companies that have designed their cellular systems to survive hurricanes, earthquakes, and landline telephone company failures. Cellularm can protect your business from telephone network outages by providing a backup, alternative route for crucial voice and data communications circuits



  • Autodialer

  • For alarm calling over the cellular network, the Cellularm System may be optionally equipped with a RACO Automatic Dialing and Remote Monitoring System. Autodialer technical information available from factory.
  • Standard touch tone telephone set required to program.
  • 24 DB 850/1900 YAGI Antenna

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