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RACO Remote Alarms And Controls

AlarmAgent.com wireless remote terminal unit with indoor enclosure. Supports Real Time data. Monitors 8 digital inputs, and 2 universal inputs. Controls 2 relay outputs. Supplied in an indoor enclosure, with rubber ducky antenna, and 24 hr battery backup. Requires a 12 to 24VDC regulated power supply. AlarmAgent.info OPC DA connector included.
Unit of Measure


# of Digital Inputs

N/A 8

# of Universal Inputs (UI)

N/A 2

# of UI Configurable Analog Alarm Inputs

N/A 2

# of UI Configurable Digital Alarm

N/A 2

# of Digital Outputs

N/A 2

OPC Connectivity

N/A Standard


N/A Indoor. Non NEMA rated


N/A 2 years


N/A Rubber Ducky


N/A 12-24 VDC

Trade Name

N/A AlarmAgent.com

Field Upgrades

N/A Firmware is over-the-air updated


N/A Bi-directional WRTU communications are handled by the AlarmAgent.com secure server via the wireless cellular network.

Communication Method

N/A Wireless - AlarmAgent.com®

Notification Methods

N/A Email Pager Txt Message Voice Call

Service Plan Information

Realtime Data

N/A Required

Enhanced Reporting

N/A Standard

Realtime Sampling

N/A Yes

Event Reporting

N/A Yes

Hourly Comm Check

N/A Yes

RTU Health Report

N/A Yes

Plan Type

N/A Requires Real-Time Service Plan

Pump Runtime Report

N/A Yes

Arm/Disarm Status

N/A Real-Time

Analog Reading Reports

N/A Yes

Analog Alarms

N/A Yes

RTU Commands

N/A 15

Pump Station Flow Report

N/A Yes

Pump GPM Report

N/A Yes

Pump Performance Alarms

N/A Yes

Return To Normal Notification

N/A Yes

Power Failure Alarm

N/A Yes

Watchdog Alarms

N/A Yes

Digital Input Alarms

N/A Yes

Pump Starts Ratio Report

N/A Yes


Battery Backup

N/A 24 hours

Power Management

N/A System intelligently manages power during power failure

Battery Charging

N/A Precision voltage controlled to maximize battery life and rapidly recharge the battery after power failure.

Power Failure

N/A Automatic alarm for external power failure and low battery detection

Solar Power

N/A The WRTU is operable directly from a 13.6 VDC solar power unit. Average current is 175 mA or less

Surge Protection

N/A Digital inputs are opto-isolated and rated at 5000 volts

Universal inputs are rated at 600 watts.

Power input is protected to 1500 watts peak. The fuse is automatically reset.


Operating Temperature Range

N/A -30 to +70 ºC-22 to +158 ºF

Storage Temperature Range

N/A -40 to +85 ºC-40 to +185 ºF


N/A 0 to 95%, Non-condensing

web-based interface


N/A View your system activity on a single, straightforward 'dashboard' screen. AlarmAgent.com's user-friendly, Web based interface puts everything you need right at your fingertips. The easy-to-use control panel allows you to access WRTU status, notification order and contact preferences, alarm activity (even across multiple stations), and details of alarm acknowledgment activity. And no additional software is required.


N/A Generate comprehensive reports on-demand with just the click of a mouse. AlarmAgent.com gives you immediate access to the custom reporting you need, and creating your reports is simple. We've made it easier than ever for you to generate comprehensive reports and pump-station analyses. The collected data can be analyzed to optimize system efficiency for your operation. The onscreen interface provides customizable ranges, which allow you to view your data as you specify.

With a few simple clicks, your interface will produce your selected reports, including Pump Runtime, Pump GPM, Pump Starts Ratio, Pump Station Flow, WRTU Commands, Analog Reading, and Arm/Disarm.


N/A Easily set and administrate the parameters of your system. AlarmAgent.com provides extreme flexibility for custom configuration. Add stations. Change alarm parameters. Manage users and update their notification preferences. All this functionality and more is possible through clear instructions and drop-down menus that allow you to manage your selections in just seconds.

System Options

Customizable Notification

N/A Today’s technology allows people to be reached wherever they go. That’s why AlarmAgent.com's notification features employ all of today's personal and business communications technology to help you ensure, and document, that your alarms are received and responded to as quickly as possible.

In an alarm condition, AlarmAgent.com will send notification through cell phone, e-mail, landline, pager, or SMS. Recipients may acknowledge these alarm notifications during voice calls or through e-mail responses. Users can also proactively respond using a toll-free number or the AlarmAgent.com system dashboard.

On-screen, administrators can easily add users, customize their methods of contact, and determine the proper hierarchy for notification.

Flexible Service Plans

N/A AlarmAgent.com provides several advantages over landline-based service, including lower cost, greater reliability, the ability to go where land-based systems can't, and no cellular provider contract.

AlarmAgent.com is available through a number of service plans, with a variety of options to suit your specific system requirements. Choose from a range of plans within the Standard, Enhanced Analog, Enhanced Arm/Disarm, and Premium divisions, and select your preferred terms of 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years, or Monthly agreement.

Service plans vary by the type of AlarmAgent.com WRTU template you select. A range of variables, such as Digital Input Alarms, Power Failure Alarms, Analog Alarms, certain Reporting details, and others will determine which service plan is right for you.

Wide-Ranging Applications

  • Water & Waste
  • Electric Utility
  • Building Management
  • HVAC & Refrigeration
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Agricultural
  • Oil & Gas
  • And More



  1. Totally Wireless RTU
    Easy to install. Goes where landlines can't, with 98% availability across North America.
  2. Reliable, Web-Based Communication
    Triple redundant, secure Web site links WRTU with AlarmAgent.com system.
  3. Secure, 24/7 Access
    Retrieve equipment and status info anytime, from any Web-enabled device or by calling a toll-free number.
  4. Robust Monitoring & Control Functionality
    Simple configuration through system templates. Integrates 8 digital and 2 universal inputs, and 2 relay outputs.
  5. Straightforward User Interface
    Immediate status updates for a number of functions: Signal strength, transmission, local service registration, armed/disarmed, AC/battery, on/off.
  6. Custom User Templates
    Simplify configuration remotely or locally. Optimized for water and wastewater pump applications.
  7. On-Demand Custom Reporting
    Web based access anytime to system alarm and status reports. View and export data as you specify with customizable ranges.
  8. Flexible Alarm Notification
    Instant notification of alarm conditions by voice, SMS, pager, and e-mail

System Configuration

N/A The WRTU is configurable via any of three possible means: via dipswitch, via notebook computer connected to the serial port, or wirelessly via AlarmAgent.com. In most cases, a notebook computer connection is not required. By selecting from 4 templates that are optimized for duplex pump stations with or without totalizer and triplex pump stations with or without totalizer, rapid installation and error proof startup are virtually guaranteed. Three additional templates are available for more general applications.

Alarm and System Messages

N/A User defined alarm and system messages are delivered via voice calls, SMS messages, alphanumeric pagers, and e-mail to an unlimited number of user specified destinations. Authorized personnel acknowledge alarms during voice calls via a toll free number, e-mail, or through the AlarmAgent.com Web site.

Operator Interface

N/A The AlarmAgent.com WRTU includes pushbuttons to turn the unit on or off, to arm or disarm the unit, to cause a special Test Call to be generated, and a digital input Accept function to assist in the setup of the WRTU. LEDs are used extensively throughout to indicate the status of the following subsystems: AC power status, battery status, network service availability, a 10 segment LED bar graph for service signal strength, actively transmitting, test report, customer account status, template setting status, individual input channel state, individual relay output state, and if any channels have exceeded their daily limit of transmissions.

View PDF Specifications

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  1. Supports OPC connectivity for fast, reliable data transfer
  2. Offers tighter security control than webbrowser applications with .NET Framework
  3. Enables easy integration of datatags into any control system
  4. Allows for data sharing with third-party OPC clients / servers over your WAN or LAN
  5. Transfers holistic data for addressing immediate issues, and alert notifications to help prevent future issues
  6. Displays real-time data on a convenient dashboard
  7. Allows for customized visualization of WRTU data
  8. Enables smart client deployment with 100% managed components
  9. Updates data with low CPU usage
  10. Makes development fast with no code required

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