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RACO Remote Alarms And Controls

  • solarpanel

    RACO's solar power systems are ideal for remote location applications where conventional power services are not available - or too costly. Solar generators will provide power for RACO's alarm and event monitoring and reporting systems. The systems consist of solar panels, 100Amp hr battery and voltage regulator in a weather resistant enclosure along with all required mounting hardware.

    The system can be paired with a RACO Cellularm System which consists of either a CDMA or GSM Digital cellular phone transceiver packaged together with any one of RACO's family of alarm autodialers in a compact, weather resistant housing that is easy to transport and set up. The autodialers available for use in a Cellularm unit include RACO Verbatim®, Verbatim® Gateway, Guard-It®, Chatterbox®, and Catalyst® models. The Cellularm System and autodialers are priced separately, depending upon the phone and autodialer preferred.

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