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RACO Remote Alarms And Controls

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 Alarm & Event Monitoring & Reporting Systems    Verbatim® VSS Models
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Alarm & Event Monitoring & Reporting Systems > Verbatim® > Verbatim® VSS Models > Model Number 301VSS-8C  
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Model Number 301VSS-8C, Verbatim® VSS-8C Autodialer

List Price $2,350.00

Verbatim® model VSS-8C monitors 8 dry contact inputs plus 120 VAC power source.

Specifications  · Electrical  · Physical  · Environmental  · Speech Messages  · UL Standard  · Warranty  · Features  · Telephone  · Modular Options  · Factory Options  · Alarm Autodialing  · User-Recorded Messages  · A Fully Interactive System  · Supervisory Control System  · SCADA System  · PLC Network Interface  · Take Control of Remote Equipment  · Memory Retained During Power Failure  · Battery Backup for Safety  · Built for Long Term Survival in The Toughest Environments  · View PDF Options  · View PDF Specifications  · View PDF Application Bulletins  · Options


# of Digital Alarm Inputs


# of Optional Digital Alarm Inputs



# of Optional Analog Alarm Inputs




# of Optional Digital Outputs


# of Optional PLC Addresses



PLC Protocols

DF1 & Modbus connection via RS-232 [optional]

Verbatim SCADA Compatibility

Compatible with RACO SCADA software

# of Phone Numbers Dialed


Voice Recording Time

26 sec

FCC Registered

Part 68, "Ringer Equivalence": 0.3A

Alarm Call Grouping

Alarm calls to up to 16 phone number groups

Alarm Criteria

Alarm on Closed Circuit
Alarm on Open Circuit

Run Time Meter

Status only


Alarm Reset


Alarm Reset Time

0.1 to 99.9 hours

Alarm System Enable/Disable

Local and Remote Enable or Disable

Alarm Trip Delay

0.1 to 999.9 sec

Autocall Test


Autocall Time Interval

0.1 to 99.9 hours

Call Back/Call Forward

Separate unique phone number

Dialing Format

TouchTone or Rotary Pulse

# of Message Repetitions

1 to 20 repetitions

Phone Numbers

16 phone numbers up to 60 digits each

Ring Delay

1 to 20 rings

Security Code

6 digits

Station ID & Message Recording Time

User variable

Time Between Alarm Calls

0.1 to 99.9 min

Current Draw

Standby 300 mA Operational 460 mA


Field-installed upgrades

Indoor Enclosure

Rugged Metal

Trade Name


Typical Monitoring Applications

Chemical Plants

Computer Rooms

Facility Security

Fish Hatcheries

Frozen Food Storage

HVAC Systems

Hydroelectric Power Stations

Pipeline & Compressor Stations

Remote Pump Stations

Storage Tanks

Telephone Switchgear

Unattended SCADA Systems

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Typical Sensors









Communication Method

Wireless - Cellularm

Notification Methods

PA System

Voice Call

Read/Write Data Registers

Any discrete or integer data register [optional]

PLC I/O Point Sensing

Two RS232/RS232 ports [optional]


Power Requirement

105-135 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 watts maximum or 8-14 VDC at 500 mA maximum.

Battery Charging

Precision voltage controlled, including automatic rapid recharge after drain.

Battery Backup Time

20 hours

Input Sensing

Eight unpowered contact inputs standard. Open contacts see 5 volts DC; closed contacts see 10 ma DC.

Printer Port

Standard Centronics Parallel


Surge Protection

Integral gas tube and solid-state protectors on all phone, power, and signal lines.


8 lbs


11 7/8 in.


9 3/4 in.


5 in.

Mounting Centers

11 3/8" vertical x 6" horizontal


Temperature Range

20 to 130 ºF


0 to 95%, Non-condensing

Speech Messages

Speech Messages

Users record their own messages. Also includes resident vocabulary for programming guidance and for default "alarm/normal" speech if no user messages are recorded.

UL Standard

UL Standard

Verbatim® complies with UL Standards: 1459, 1950



5 years

  • Monitors 8 channels plus internal AC power
  • Solid-state message recording
  • Expandable modular design
  • Superior surge protection on all inputs
  • Alarm call grouping
  • Low cost
  • Remote programming
  • Nonvolatile memory
  • 20 hour battery backup
  • 5 year warranty

  • Rotary pulse or tone dialing, keyboard selectable.
  • Dials up to 16 different numbers, each up to 60 digits long.
  • Allows programming of PBX delays in 1 second increments.
  • FCC Registered Part 68, “Ringer Equivalence”: 0.3A.
  • Alarm Acknowledgement is by TouchTone key or by calling back.
  • Built-in speaker phone allows two-way conversation.
  • Compatible with most cellular telephone systems.

Modular Options
  • Channels. Upgradeable to 16, 24 or 32 contact channels.
  • Analog. Custom scaled in the units of measurement required for your job. Analog alarms on a high and a low alarm setpoint. Upgradeable to 1, 4, 8 or 16 analog channels.
  • Remote Supervisory Control. The operator can turn equipment on or off via any telephone. Upgradeable to 4 or 8 outputs.
  • Modbus Interface. In addition to physical inputs, the unit is upgradeable to 32, 64 or 96 additional alarms of any type via RS232 and Modbus RTU master protocol.
  • Cellular Telephone. Our Cellularm™ System provides temporary or permanent alarm autodialing over the cellular telephone network when conventional telephone lines are disabled or unavailable. Furnished in a rugged, weather-resistant housing that’s easy to transport and set up.

Factory Options
  • Enclosure. System available in NEMA 4X enclosure, which is corrosion proof and sealed against 12 feet of water.
  • Environmental. Thermostatically controlled heater available, suggested for operation below 20ºF or where condensation may occur.
  • Local Alarm Relay Output. Relay activates during unacknowledged alarm conditions.
  • Secure Front Panel. Verbatim® System furnished without front panel programming controls and indicators. Restricts access to unsupervised or remotely located units, as well as reducing the initial purchase price.
  • Solar Electric Generator Systems. Ideal for remote location applications where conventional power and telephone services are not available or too costly. Provides steady, clean power and has sufficient storage capacity for overcast and inclement weather conditions.

Alarm Autodialing
The system is designed to continuously monitor preset alarm points. If an alarm condition is sensed at a monitored point, the Verbatim System will automatically dial a list of 16 pre-programmed emergency telephone numbers, calling until it gets an answer. When the call is answered and acknowledged, the system reports the alarm location and status via pre-recorded voice messages.

Communicating over standard land- line or wireless telephone networks, the Verbatim® delivers alarm messages to standard phones, cell phones, numeric or voice pagers, and voice mail systems, and talks just as easily with computers.

User-Recorded Messages
The voice messages are digitally pre-recorded by the user. Anything that can be spoken is accurately stored in memory from names and numbers to technical terms and detailed instructions. Messages are delivered with maximum clarity, lessening the chance for misunderstanding or error. And, you can easily enter or change your messages over the phone or at the front panel.

A Fully Interactive System
With Verbatim®, you’re never out of touch with your monitoring system. With any standard touch-tone phone, you can call in for a status report, review and change programming, or control a remote device. With the touch of a key, you can listen to local sounds or talk to personnel using the unit’s built- in speaker phone.

When calling for status report you hear a comprehensive summary of all conditions monitored by the system, including internal power. Hard copies of event data alarms, acknowledgements, inquiries, and programming changes can be printed out at any time using the system’s data logging capabilities.

Controls and indicators are provided on the Verbatim® front panels for on-site programming and review of system operation, alarm status, and battery condition.

Supervisory Control System
A Verbatim® System can be equipped with up to 8 digital control outputs to remotely actuate HVAC systems, pumps, compressors, and other electrical devices from a standard phone, the Verbatim® front panel, or a PC.

SCADA System
RACO MMI/SCADA Systems provide monitoring and control of up to 200 RACO Verbatim® Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) over the standard dial-up telephone network. Each RTU has full alarm monitoring, reporting, and autodialing capabilities, and because Verbatim® systems report by exception, they do not need to be polled. When an alarm is sensed, the RTU reports to the central computer. If the computer operator does not acknowledge the alarm, the RTU will commence autodialing.

PLC Network Interface
Offering alarm and monitoring for as many as 96 remote channels, the Verbatim® can use RS232 communications to work with any PLC or other device using Modicon's Modbus protocol.

Take Control of Remote Equipment
A Verbatim® System can be used with a RACO Responder or another Verbatim® to actuate pumps, compressors, gates, or other electrically operated equipment over the dial-up telephone network. Upon receipt of an alarm signal low water level, for example the Verbatim® issues a command to activate an output relay in the Responder or other Verbatim® unit, which initiates an action such as turning on a pump motor.

Memory Retained During Power Failure
Verbatim® systems incorporate a non-volatile memory. Recorded alarm messages and user-entered programming is retained indefinitely in the event of a power loss.

Battery Backup for Safety
A rechargeable gel cell battery provides up to 20 hours of continuous operation in the event of power loss. And because the system uses a precision regulated charger instead of the traditional “trickle” charger, the time required for charging is minimized and battery life is significantly extended.

Built for Long Term Survival in The Toughest Environments
Verbatim® is designed and built for superior performance year after year. The system's rugged durability is evident in its heavy-duty metal enclosure, carefully selected and proven solid state components, and sealed membrane keyboard. Heavy-duty solid-state and gas tube surge protection is provided on all power, phone, and signal lines.

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Verbatim Responder
Modbus Interface Option
Data Communications Option
Remote Supervisory Control Option
Analog Signal Input Monitoring Option
Digital Input Monitoring Option

View PDF Specifications


Dialer Specifications - Verbatim Model DSP

View PDF Application Bulletins

Application Bulletin

National Energy Group Application Presentation
RACO Central Watchdog System Automatically Verifies Phone Line and Autodialer Operation
Chemical Distributors Monitor Customer Inventory Levels with RACO Verbatim Systems
Closed-Loop Control System for Remote Facilities
New England Small water system implements 24-hour monitoring
Dallas Aquarium Increases Animal Protection


Verbatim® Connect

461VCC, Verbatim® Connect Comprehensive ($655.00)
462VCS, Verbatim® Connect Standard ($470.00)
463VCE, Verbatim® Connect Essential ($120.00)

Power / Telephone Line Conditioners

999ACPC, 120VAC Power Conditioner ($146.00)
999TPC, Analog Telephone Line Surge Protector ($146.00)


Digital Signal Inputs

Analog Signal Inputs

more available ..


Verbatim NEMA 4X
Optional Enclosures


Verbatim Daughter Card
Expansion Bus Option

 ARRA Compliance 

ARRA Details

 Power Conditioner 

120VAC Power Conditioner

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