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 Alarm & Event Monitoring & Reporting Systems    Verbatim® SCADA Software Systems
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Alarm & Event Monitoring & Reporting Systems > Verbatim® > Verbatim® SCADA Software Systems > Model Number 463VSWIN  
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Model Number 463VSWIN, Verbatim® SCADA Software (WIN)

List Price $3,000.00

Verbatim® SCADA Software (WIN). This software is available for use on the Verbatim® and the Verbatim® Secure Front Panel equipped with SCADA. SCADA is not available for the Verbatim® Gateway. Verbatim® SCADA is a software application consisting of a Central Station Host computer and a fleet of Verbatim® RTUs. The system uses conventional dial-up phone lines to ensure continuous monitoring, reporting, logging and alarming. It provides an automated computer interface augmenting the voice modes intrinsic to all Verbatim® RTUs. Users familiar with RACO DOS SCADA will find most features of that system fully supported. In addition there is a modern graphic user interface (GUI) providing display of RTU status, logs, configuration and reports. There is support for up to 8 simultaneous sessions. At the heart is an SQL database. Feature Overview The Verbatim® SCADA systems abilities include the following. Central Station Host : Runs under Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit) system. Shares com ports and modems as configured on the host computer. Provides simple and reliable security to the application and its database. A fully multi-tasking implementation. RTU Fleet : Manage and monitor a fleet of up to 2500 RTUs. Save, modify and restore all RTU configurations. Poll for status, install, test, acknowledge alarms and control output settings. Group and order RTUs however desired. Set specific polling schedules for distinct groups. Color-coded status of all RTUs at a glance with popup summary. Swap RTUs and change channel configuration without utility program. Communications : Perform 8 sessions with 8 distinct RTUs simultaneously. Monitor all sessions and polling agendas. Log all communications and session activity. Support for integrated telephony. Database : Manage up to 2.5 billion bytes of data, 2Mb per RTU. Virtually unlimited amounts of data using 3rd party database. Import all data from existing RACO DOS SCADA systems. Provide data to a wide variety of 3rd party applications. Purge data selectively based on RTU, date or age. Insert annotations and reminders independent of RTU activity. Reports : Wide variety of report types and options. Integrated ability to view directly, print, send as email or save reports as files.

Specifications  · Computer Specification  · There's An Easier Way  · Simple Supervision  · On-Demand Reporting  · Stay in Control  · Designed to Be Trouble-Free


Trade Name

Verbatim® SCADA Software

Computer Specification


Intel P4 3.0GHz power system


IND. MB865 P4 865G 800FSB LGA775 ATX MB


1GB DDR2 800, Unbuffered Ram






In-win C583TB mid-tower 400W PS


USR5610C PCI 56K Modem x4


Keytronics Deluxe KB


Logitech Optical Mouse & Pad

Operating System

Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)

PC Monitor

Not Included


RACO reserves the right to substitute equivalent components without prior notice. All component warranties are by their respective manufacturers. This computer is not suitable for the RACO DOS SCADA system software.

There's An Easier Way
Verbatim® SCADA System software - the dependable standard for monitoring pump station performance since 1989 - is now being released in a new, Windows format. This "report by exception" system ends the need to constantly poll your RTUs - you only get called when there is an alarm - plus the system is scalable, making fleet expansion easy. And since Verbatim® SCADA software is custom-built for Verbatim® RTUs, no modifications or extra programming is required.

Simple Supervision
  • View and monitor pump station status variables remotely, including pump starts, runtime and failure
  • No more hours on the phone calling your RTUs - collect data efficiently through polling schedules
  • Poll even large RTU fleets easily with up to eight simultaneous phone line connections

On-Demand Reporting
  • Get reports on-demand if you need data before your next polling
  • Simplify your pump maintenance scheduling with centralized data access and reports
  • No need to manually record data - SCADA stores collected data into a centralized MySQL database

Stay in Control
  • All control functions can be remotely initiated by the operator
  • Contact the RTU through the central computer to arm or disarm the unit, a great way to save transportation time when preparing for maintenance visits
  • Turn pumps on and off from your desk using SCADA in conjunction with Verbatim® optional remote supervisory control function

Designed to Be Trouble-Free
  • Eliminate your need for programming and programmers with a system designed specifically for Verbatim® RTUs
  • Set up polling schedules. RTUs, modem lines and more with our straight forward, built-in templates
  • Modify and restore RTU configurations with an easy fill-in-the-blank format
  • Simple templates eliminate the need for staff training, saving you time and money


Digital Signal Inputs

Analog Signal Inputs

 ARRA Compliance 

ARRA Details

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